Building Claims Services

Track my Claim - Improving Customer Communication

As a Group we constantly strive to find ways to improve customer communications and experiences of the claims journey. Whilst the traditional methods of written and oral communication are employed by us, we have identified other ways of interacting with the customer which suit the modern lifestyle and methods of communication.

We have developed a texting service that allows our system to automatically text the customer to inform them that we have their claim and will be calling them. It is also used to remind the customer 24 working hours prior to the surveyor visit, in case they have forgotten or need to re-arrange the appointment. This reduces the number of aborted call outs.

We have also introduced “Track my claim” which allows the customer to view the progress of their claim throughout the life of the claim with Building Claims Services and Property Consortium (UK) Ltd. Whilst “Track my claim” is available through the world wide web, it can also be accessed through WAP browsing on mobile phones. We believe that both of these services significantly improve the customer communication experience and we have plans for the future to further develop these ideas with additional information streams becoming available to the customer, including accessing of the results from the Building Claims Services Survey.

To visit the "Track My Claim" site please click the following link: