Building Claims Services

Track My Claim

Utilising our advanced technology, Policyholder’s can access our online service providing them with the ‘live’ status of their claim by confirming a few security questions for Data Protection.

In addition to this, Policyholder’s have the opportunity to choose their medium in how we stay in contact with them, the choice is a conventional letter, email, SMS, or all three.

As we all know, experiencing damage to a property can be stressful, and whilst a Policyholder has the comfort in knowing that their insurer will appoint the appropriately skilled professionals, to assist with surveying and repairs, there is always the need to find out more.

This is why we believe in giving the Policyholder the ability to become more involved and find out for themselves the status of their claim online. Whether receiving confirmation of a surveyor’s visit or simply knowing that a contractor has been appointed, will provide an easy to use process to find the answers.

Right from the onset of a new instruction the policyholders are made aware of our service either by text, email or introductory letter and they can revisit the site as many times as they like. The landing page can be branded for our clients.